Last Doctor Standing

Last Doctor Standing

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Technological requirements are spilling over into the healthcare sector changing the physician's role and relationship to the patient. However it is possible to re-establish the good old small-town doctors on new terms.

In this book, we make the case that we need to use technological advancements in the right way. Investigation, diagnosis and treatment can be handled by all the groundbreaking technologies from the digital age. while maintaining the doctor's human experience and professional intuition. Patients must be able to monitor themself to a greater extent and take co-responsibility with the help of doctors, that is, doctors who can not only be consulted at medical centers, but also digitally. In other words, we must free up the doctor's time to what is important, namely: patients, research and treatment - especially in the case of virus outbreaks and chaos creating pandemics.

Michael Hejmadi Pedersen (b. 1977).

Father of three girls. Trained specialist in family medicine. His clinic is located in Ferritslev, Fyn, Denmark. Member of the practitioners doctors' (PLO) board of representatives and a number of regional and national committees discussing implementation of technology in health care. Co-founder of People’s Robots that introduce new technology in general practice. External lecturer at The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute, University of Southern Denmark.

Andreas Pihl (b. 1988).

Doctor with broad clinical experience, primarily in family medicine, currently working in a general practitioner clinic in Copenhagen, Denmark. Medical & Scientific Affairs Lead at Roche Diagnostics Denmark. Researcher in digital health and vice president for Center for Digital Health Research, University of Southern Denmark. Lecturer, non-fiction author and eager debater as well as co-founder of a large and renowned Facebook-group (Spørg en læge om coronavirus) of volunteering doctors giving advice and information to citizens on covid-pandemic.